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Owner Dave Evans was with his last company for 25 years, boy to man. Having worked his way up to the position of manager, he reassessed his life and decided it was time to live the dream. Dave harboured a not-so-secret passion for bikes and cycling and had planned for years to open his own bike shop one day. That day came three years ago, after years of planning. Ride 24/7 Bike Shop was born, and it is a decision Dave has never regretted.

The route was simpler for son Mitch, now 17, who joined Dave this summer and is working as an apprentice, learning everything there is to know on the subject of bikes. Like his father, Mitch is obsessed by bikes, and they are both equally at home riding for fun and racing competitively as having the bikes on the floor in pieces for repair or custom building.

Mitch is totally ‘living the dream’, riding in the Ride 24/7 Kit and representing the shop when racing. Mitch developed and designed the kit for the shop himself, and then decided to make it available to everyone to buy, so it can now be purchased from the shop. Come and check out the new winter kit which is now in! Ride 24/7 doesn’t just sell and repair bikes, but is at the very heart of the biking community organising the popular ‘shop rides’ each Sunday of varying degrees of difficulty. You meet at the shop at 10am (check the times each week on the website) and go road riding for 2-3 hours at a ‘steady’ pace. They are even forming a road race team for next year.

Always up to date with the trends, there is an ever evolving range of brands kept, including Trek, Whyte and Wilier, with new brands coming in the New Year. They cater for all biking needs, and there is an increase of road bike sales. Ride 24/7 stocks family, commuter, mountain and racing bikes. And are proud to be a Tacx Test Centre. For the uniniti-ated, these systems range from a standard turbo trainer up to a Virtual Reality Screen system in conjunction with your own bike. You can put your bike through its paces and even do training indoors in winter or when the roads are too busy.

Ride 24/7 offer a repair and advice service as well as full custom builds! Opening times are 9:30 to 5:30 Tuesday to Saturday.


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9:30 to 5:30 Tuesday to Saturday

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